sudo apt-get install mrtg
 cfgmaker --snmp-options=:::::2 --global "WorkDir: /var/www/mrtg/" --subdirs=HOSTNAME --zero-speed=125000000 --show-op-down public@localhost --output=localhost.cfg
 indexmaker --perhost --output=/var/www/mrtg/index.html localhost.cfg

Specify default SNMP options to be appended to all routers following. Individual fields can be empty.
Routers following might override some or all of the options given to –snmp-options.
–subdirs=format give each router its own subdirectory, naming each per “format”, in which HOSTNAME and SNMPNAME will be replaced by the values of those items — for instance, –subdirs=HOSTNAME or –subdirs=”HOSTNAME (SNMPNAME)”
–show-op-down show interfaces which are operatively down
–zero-speed=spd use this speed in bits-per-second as the interface speed for all interfaces that return a speed of 0 via ifSpeed/ifHighSpeed. 100Mbps = 100000000

–perhost show graphs of the same host on a row

indexmaker(1) – Linux man page
cfgmaker(1) – Linux man page

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