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–snmp-options=:[<port>][:[<tmout>][:[<retr>][:[<backoff>][:<ver>]]]] Specify default SNMP options to be appended to all routers following. Individual fields can be empty. Routers following might override some or all of the options given to –snmp-options. –subdirs=format give each router its own subdirectory, naming each per … Continue reading

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mariadb mysql 相關

舊資料參考 mysql 相關 mysql 查詢版本 select version(); SELECT @@version; 或 SHOW VARIABLES LIKE “%version%”; 或 status; 參考資料: How to Check the MySQL Version ======================================== mysql 轉移至 mariadb 從wheezy mysql 5.5 移轉至mariadb 5.5z 只要更新套件庫再安裝mariadb-server 即可 參考資料: Upgrading from MySQL to MariaDB  … Continue reading

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